Over half of the Neighborhood now uses the Nextdoor site to interact and connect with other neighbors about lost animals, items for sale, notifications and other topics. Please check it out if you are a Chenango Resident. 


1. Are there homeowner dues?   Yes.  Currently dues are $950 a year with half being due by January 31st and the other half due by May 31st each year.   

2. Trash & Recycling. Owners may contract with any trash service they wish. For those that wish, the HOA has contracted a lower group rate with Waste Management. Weekly trash and bi-weekly recycling pick up for $162 per year payable to the HOA. Contact Brian to sign up.

3. What may I do to the outside of my home or to my property without getting approval from the Architectural Control Committee (ACC)?  You may repaint your house the exact same color and you may plant flowers and ground cover. You may make repairs to existing structures as long as there are no changes to the design, color, materials etc.  ALL other changes, removals  or additions to anything on the exterior of your house, property or other outbuildings must get approval from the ACC before beginning any work.   No improvements, alterations, demolitions, repairs, excavation, grading, filling, damning, redirection of natural surface drainage channels, landscaping, removal of living trees having a diameter of more than two (2”) inches or other work which in any way alters the exterior appearance of any Lot, or the improvements located thereon, shall be made or done without the prior approval of the Architectural Control Committee. No Building, fence wall, residence, or other structure, or any exterior lighting, shall be commenced, erected, improved, altered, or made without the prior written approval of the Architectural Control Committee. All subsequent additions to or changes to any Lot or exterior improvements located thereon shall be subject to the prior written approval of the Architectural Control Committee.  From Section 7.2 Construction of Improvements in Covenants. 

Any unapproved changes must be removed or remediated at the Owner's expense, so please take the time to read all of the Covenants particularly; Article VII- Architectural Control Committee, Article VIII Building and Design Regulations and Article IX Land Use Restrictions (link buttons below) to familiarize yourself with the rules.  

While these Covenants may seem strict, they are what maintain the high property values and appearance of our community.

4. How do I get ACC Approval for a project? To get ACC approval please go to the ACC page to download the Project Submittal Forms or contact  Brian Reid by calling 303-755-2732  x 210 or emailing him at  breid@managementandmaintenance.net to get the process started. The ACC meets on the first Tuesday of each month to approve submitted plans. 

5. When are HOA Board Meetings?  The HOA Board meets every other month at the Fire Station on Parker Road.  All Board meetings are at 7:00 PM and are open to the public. See the HOA Board page for all the meeting dates.  

6. When is the Homeowners' Annual Meeting? The Annual Meeting is held each October or November and the date for 2018 is TBD.  The annual meeting is where Board and ACC members are elected and the budget for the next fiscal year is approved. All homeowners are encouraged to attend or to vote by giving their proxy to a neighbor, board member or emailing it to Brian breid@managementandmaintenance.net .   One Proxy or Vote per Lot. 

7. Who may use the Gazebo, Riding Ring, Tennis Courts, Playground and other Common Areas?  All Owners and tenants are free to use all of the common areas along with their invited guests.