The HOA Board is made up of 5-7 volunteer Chenango homeowners. They are elected to the board by the Association members, at the annual meeting for a term of 2 years. 

The board's job is to appoint various committees (except for the Architectural Control Committee, whose members shall be elected by the Association Members) and appoint a manager who shall, subject to the direction of the Board, be responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Association. The Board shall determine the compensation to be paid to the manager or any other employee of the Association. The members oversee all aspects of the repair, management and maintenance of Common Areas and Bridle Paths. They also work toward protecting the association and the Property from influences from outside sources.  

The 2018-2019 Board is:

President- Randy Corporon 

Vice President- Margaret Noble 

Treasurer- Sherri Phillips

Secretary- Tracie Chapman

Susan Knapp-

John Spiliotis

Roger Wilson

Board Meeting Schedule – all start at 7:00 PM and are held at South Metro Firehouse No. 42 on Parker Road in Foxfield unless it is posted otherwise. Homeowners are welcome to attend.

February 25, 2019
April 22, 2019
June 24, 2019
August 26, 2019
October 28, 2019
December 9, 2019 (tentative due to holiday)
Annual Meeting – to be determined – in November 2019